Faculty Publications - 2011

Journal Paper

1.    Pradeep Kumar., Asia Taha. Kale., R.K., S.M. Cowsik & Najma Z. Baquer. (2011). Physiological and Biochemical Effects of 17β estradiol in Aging female rat brain. Experimental Gerontogy, March.

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3.    Singh, Man., Vinod Kumar & Kale, R.K. (2011).Viscous and surface Properties of Critical Solutions of Immiscible Solvents with Biomolecules, Surfactants and Polymer Resin. International Journal of Thermodynamics,14(2):87-97

4.    Manju Singh., Singh., Surendra and Kale, R.K. (2011).Chemomodulatory Potential of Asparagus Adscendens against Murine Skin and Forestomach Papillomagenesis. European Journal of Cancer Prevention

5.    Nanta, Rajesh., Kale, Raosaheb K. (2011).Chemomodulatory effect of Dolichosbiflorus on hepatic antioxidant enzymes and skin and forestomach papillomagenesis in mice. Indian Journal of experimental Biology.

6.    Singh, Man., Chaudhary, Neeti., Kale, R.K., & Verma, H.S. (2011).Molecular interactions of CPX, CTAB and EPC biosurfactants in aqueous olive oil mixtures analyzed with physiochemical data and SEM micrographs. Arabian Journal of Chemistry.

7.    Prajapati, V., Kale, R.K., & Singh, R.P. (2011). Arsenic and its combination in Cancer Therapeutics. Therapeutic Delivery, 2(6):793-806.

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9.    Singh, Man., Patel, Jainita., Undre, Sachin B., Kale, R.K. & Sanjay Kumar. (2011).Densimetric and viscometric study of Gly-PVP interactions and EPA of water fitted with IMMFT at 293.15, 298.15 and 303.15 K. Journal of Molecular Liquids.

10.  Singh, Man., Patel, Jainita S., Kale, R.K.(2011).Thermodynamics of Philicphobic Interaction Shift in Aqueous Tweens 20-80. International Journal of Thermodynamics, 14(3):135-146.

11.  Singh, Man., Undre ,Sachin B., Kale, R.K. (2011). Molecular Interaction mechanism of Hydrogen bond disruption of highly viscous Glycerol with Aniline and derivatives Illustrated with Physicochemical data. Journal of Molecular Liquids, under revision.

12.  Singh, Man., Patel, Jainita S., Teraiya, Milan V., Kale, R.K. (2011). Liquide-Liquide Interface Study of Aromatic Hydrocarbon with Aqueous Potassium Halide Salts for π-conjugation, Hyper conjugation , Inductive Effect, -H, -CH3 and –CH2CH3 Interacting Activities. Journal of Surface Sciences, communicated.

13.  Kaur M, Tyagi A, Singh RP, Sclafani RA, Agarwal R, Agarwal C. (2011). Grape seed extract up-regulates p21 (Cip 1) through redox-mediated activation of ERK1/2 and post-transcriptional regulation leading to cell cycle arrest in colon carcinoma HT29 cells. Molecular Carcinogenesis, 50:553-562.

14.  Ramasamy K, Dwyer-Nield LD, Serkova NJ, Hasebrook KM, Tyagi A, Raina K, Singh RP, Malkinson AM, Agrawal R. (2011). “Silibinin prevents lung tumorigenesis in wild-type but not in iNOS -/-mice: Potential of Real –time Micro-CT in lung Cancer chemoprevention studies, Clinical Cancer Research,16:753-761.

15.  Nambiar D, Rajamani P, Singh RP. (2011).Effect of phytochemicals on ionization radiation-mediated carcinogenesis and cancer therapy. Mutation Research Reviews.

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18.  Kunjappan, Sony (2011). Scope of legal and institutional reforma for victims of crime. The Indian Journal of Criminology and Criminalistics, XXXII.

19.  Sen, Vinod & Saimon, W.R. (2011). Beedi Industry in Chattisgarh: A Note. Sodh Upkaram, 31:55-58.

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21.  Iyer, Parvathi K. Cvil Society Interventions in Health Policy: Some Socio-Historical Observations. Sociology of Science and Technology.

22.  Pandey, Haresh Narayan. (2011). Globalisation and identity Formation: A Village Study. Journal of Social Sciences, 12(2).

Book Chapters

1.    Kale, R.K & Singh, Man. (2011). In Vernon Somerset (Eds.), New Materials for Biosensor Construction Environmental Biosensors, InTech Publications.

2.    Rajaram, N. (2011). In festschrift volume in honour of Professor Yogendra Singh, I.P Modi.(Eds.),”The Indian middle class in the era of globalization and liberalization: continuity and change”, New Delhi: Rawat.

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